250,000 Year Old Alien Metal Found

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Alien Technology Found

Back in the 70's constructions workers excavating a site found a chunk of aluminum deep in the ground next to fossils. The piece of metal appears to be man made and is dated over 250,000 years old. So you are probably thinking... what is so special, my soda can is made of aluminum and nature can make some crazy coincidental shapes. The thing is that aluminum as a pure metal doesn't naturally occur and a way to extract it from the earth wasn't discovered until 1825!

Most people don't even know how many of the items they use work. How does a smart phone use a microprocessor to load Candy Crush so you aren't bored on the toilet? How does a TV receive electric signals and convert it to a picture so you can mindlessly flip through 120 channels and determine there is nothing good to watch after half and hour? How does watch ( for the people that wear one) track exactly 32,768 quartz vibrations for each tick of the second hand?

People don’t and they don’t want to as long as it works. The reason is ALIENS and GOVERNMENT control!!!! The government has known of aliens and alien technology for at least 100 years. The government is overwhelming people sense so they become docile like sheep and after a while stop asking “why” and trying to understand.

I say this in the hopes to try and get people to dig deeper, even when it is hard, get all the way to the bottom of things. Know thing full and completely so the government won’t make sheep out of us all.

Fox News Article - 250,000 Year Old Alien Metal

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